Encryption as a Service using Vault with Spring Boot

Database columns can be encrypted multiple ways. Most of the databases have built-in support to encrypt the values. For example, in Postgres we can use the function pgp_sym_encrypt and pgp_sym_decrypt. It has some disadvantages like every read/write operation will have some operation overhead and slow down the DB servers. Most of the database providers give an option to encrypt the values. Moreover, keys used for the encryption should be properly managed. And it is complicated to do within the realms of the database servers. In a distributed system, the computing costs should be kept minimal and databases have a very high i/o. And cryptographic functions use a big chunk of resources and it is a well-known fact. Most of the industries have regulatory requirements and protect sensitive data in an effective way. Finally, a common concern for engineers and security teams alike is to protect the data in transit and avoid eavesdropping. Encryption as a Service (EaaS) solves this problem and Hashicorp’s Vault has a transit engine which takes out the burden of encrypting the data in transit. Vault is already a default key management and secret management solution in most of the organizations and has been integration with popular

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