Introduction to Micrometer with Springboot

Springboot and Springcloud has made it easier to develop Microservices in the past couple of years and its usage has increased tremendously. Springboot without Micrometer is like riding a Tesla X without the instrument cluster. Alternatively there are plenty of other tools available to instrument your code to collect metrics and some of them supplied by the metrics aggregators, some are provided by APM vendors and then there is a big gamut of open source projects. When we think about it at the enterprise scale questions like below may arise before choosing the right tool. Where should I place my instrumentation code? How to instrument uniformly across systems with the least possible overhead? What is the impact if we need to change the metrics aggregator? How to collect multi-dimensional metrics? Micrometer is one such amazing library which provides out of the box instrumentation for JVM applications and it addresses some of the common problems that we face while instrumenting and collecting metrics. It has first-class support for most of the metrics collectors and new ones getting added at a rapid pace. Let’s see how it works with an example. We will be using spring-boot in our example application and use

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