Distributed Tracing using Zipkin and Spring Cloud Sleuth

There is a growing trend in organizations to solve everything with Microservices. For a lot of modern-day applications still, a single node monolith is enough and a better choice. Microservices are not a silver bullet which will solve all our technical problems. It comes with its own baggage which has to be taken into consideration and is neatly explained by Martin Fowler here. Increased operational complexity in using Microservices is certainly an area of concern but it is a solvable problem. In order to handle the operational complexity one of the major concern while doing microservices, we need to get more insights about services, the time taken to complete a request, how they communicate with each other and so on. Importance of tracing in distributed systems have produced a lot of thought process among the development teams and Google’s Dapper paper has influenced one such amazing tracing library called Zipkin. Zipkin library has support for most of the widely used programming languages and is one of the most actively contributed open source projects. I happened to meet Adrian Cole one of the Zipkin’s core contributor who has shed more light on the importance of the tracing even though I have

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