Zuul and Spring Cloud Gateway – Comparison, Benchmarks, LoadTesting

Spring Cloud Gateway and Zuul are different projects from the Spring community aimed to provide a developer-friendly way of writing Gateway services. While a many of the Spring Cloud users aware of the Zuul project, S-C Gateway is relatively framework which Spring Web Flux (Project Reactor) and the new SpringBoot2. You can refer the question which I asked some time ago in StackOverflow for differences. I have been using Netflix’s Zuul for over two years now and I am so far happy with its performance. I am eagerly waiting to see the much-purported Zuul2 which we can expect anytime. But S-C Gateway intrigued me for two reasons. One, it is coming from the spring community using the latest spring 5, its support for non-blocking APIs, WebSockets, SSEs, etc. Author of S-C Gateway Spencer Gibb has provided a benchmark app if you would like to take a look. Note: The Spring Cloud Gateway used for this test is a pre-release version and the post will be updated after the GA. So take results of SC Gateway as a pinch of salt But I wanted to test (stress) the service to its maximum capacity using different embedded web servers and conditions. Even

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